At Sinotruck, we share an essential goal with you- the desire to continuously work to get more out of life. We believe that "there no best ……..only better, the spirit of which is capture in our brand message "Striding Forward". It succinctly describes our passion for innovation and discovery.

Striding forward is a concept that is consistent with our dedication to continuous improvement or "Striding Forward" – the philosophy of continued progress which resonates through everything we do.

Striding forward is probably best reflected by what we do at Sinotruck.

Everything we do at Sinotruck is about growing together.
Growing together with our customers, partners and colleagues.
Growing together improving our lives, to enhance society and to create better future.
And, as we're growing together, we always striding forward.
Striding Forward is our commitment to the future.
It's about striving for constant improvement in every aspect of life.
Because no matter how mush we achieve there's always a new challenge awaiting for us.
And, as we grow together, the road ahead is exciting full of possibilities.
So, as we head into the future,there's only one direction which we're all stride to.

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Striding Forward
The Philosophy and culture behind our drive to constantly improve ourselves and our services.